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I can't recommend Dr Freer enough he is a trustworthy person, he has a humble personality that makes his patient feel very comfortable. Dr Freer changed my look, my mouth and he helped me feel more comfortable when I smile. Overall he helped me feel happier. Thank you so much for your patience and kindness.

Crowns are placed on teeth in order to protect them if they are damaged, cracked or broken. In turn they can improve the shape and overall appearance. Bridges allow missing teeth or gaps to be filled and are similar in structure to crowns. The teeth either side of the space are used to hold a tooth, creating the illusion that there is no gap.


For both crowns and bridges, teeth are prepared to a greater degree than veneers but the remainder of the procedure is very similar. Once again, impressions are taken and sent to a laboratory. It takes roughly 2 weeks for the technicians to fabricate the work which is then cemented at a second appointment.


At Stepps Ahead Dental Care we aim to use the highest quality labs, and with this the highest quality materials giving you the most natural looking all porcelain crowns.


The variety of crowns and bridges, including the pros and cons of each type, can be discussed with your dentist when you are deciding upon your treatment plan.

Crowns and Bridges

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